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Which is cheaper to fuel, a gasoline car or an EV? Washington Post takes a deep dive

A look at costs state by state, and the many variables behind the answer

Expect lower gas prices this July 4th weekend

The highways might be packed but at least gas will be cheaper than last year

Here's $12,000. Buy a car for college

What kind of car can you get for that much money, and can it fit a keg?

Average gas price nearly a dollar less than this time last year

Fuel prices are holding steady as the summer travel season approaches

EPA to allow summer sales of E15 gasoline with higher blend of ethanol

Farmers will be pleased, consumers might be, the oil industry not so much

Gas chain Sheetz offers E85 for $1.85/gallon through April

Tuners and flex-fuel vehicle owners are in luck this month

Oil refiners struggle to make premium gasoline

There are a few causes with the same result: higher prices for premium

U.S. oil production will remain 'historically high’ through 2050 — new government report

Analysts say domestic production could be 50% higher by then, even as renewables grow