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Most tire retailers get high marks for customer satisfaction in CR survey

Consumer Reports asked its members about 18 popular tire supply chains

Pebble Beach
Zenvo's Aurora shows up at Monterey with stunning V12 motors

Called Tur and Agil, one is for the track, the other for touring, both outrageous

Mustang's heady GT V8 pops in Ford's preorder bank

About 13,000 enthusiasts have signed up; many want the stick shift

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Which is cheaper to fuel, a gasoline car or an EV? Washington Post takes a deep dive

A look at costs state by state, and the many variables behind the answer

Chevy Blazer Police Pursuit Vehicle is equipped for the chase

The 'PPV puts out nearly 500 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque

Future Classic: 1996-2013 Volvo C70

Proving that form and function often exist on the same plane

Carlos Ghosn's rise and fall — and dramatic flight — streams in August

The four-part documentary 'Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn' to air on Apple TV+

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EVs are to blame for worsening tire pollution, 'The Atlantic' says

But the target seems a bit unfair, and ignores other vehicles

Ram and Alfa Romeo top J.D. Power study of best automaker websites

Websites and configurators are effective marketing elements, J.D. Power says

Ferrari 250 Le Mans up for auction: The greatest Ferrari ever?

Figure on bidding at least $18 million for this historic rosso racer

By The Numbers
Inventories grow as automakers overcome worst supply issues

Prices stabilize across the board as inventories of EVs mounts

Mercedes-AMG GLC ups the ante with hybrid power for 2025

Changes inside, outside and under the hood to AMG's mid-level SUVs

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E-bike battery fires pose a deadly problem

Safety standards for e-bike lithium-ion batteries are virtually nonexistent

BMW can't build enough M3 wagons, but the U.S. won't see any

Crossovers will have to satisfy wagon fans on this side of the Atlantic

An electric Triumph roadster borrows BMW parts and an illustrious history

A Triumph of design — and some borrowed bits from the i3

SUV drivers will pay an 'auto-besity' fee for parking in Paris

Electrics vehicles are expected to escape the higher rates

Morgan Super 3 re-enters the U.S. with three-wheeled distinction

The brand is back with a new look after a three-year hiatus

2020-21 Ford Escape SUVs investigated over doors that could open suddenly

Safety agency reports 25 injuries when doors failed to latch properly

Buyers flipping a Rolls-Royce Spectre won't be tolerated, company says

CEO says he'll 'blacklist' offenders from future sales, and offenders aren't happy

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